Hand Dermatitis – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

    Definition Any type of eczema that develops on the hands can be classified as hand dermatitis. Also it is referred to as hand eczema. Actually it is a skin condition in which rashes develops on hands and they become dry, red, cracked and inflamed. Hand dermatitis varies in severity. It may affect the backs of the hands, the palms or both sites. Often it starts as a mild intermittent complaint, but it can become increasingly severe and persistent. Causes It is caused by a combination of factors which includes constitutional factors, contact with allergy and irritants. Causes include contact

Nail Enemies – Drying Chemicals

[embedded content] While overabundant moisture damages nails, so does a lack of moisture. That’s why drying household chemicals, the oil-zapping ingredients in some face products, rubbing alcohol, and some nail products are so damaging to nails – they dry nail keratin out. When moisture is taken from nails, the nail cells shrivel. The result? The smooth, tight interlocking of nail cells becomes disrupted; in its place is a bunch of ruffled, barely joined cells, which lead to nail weakness, brittleness, and breaking. If there’s one thing that really dries out nails, it’s nail­polish remover. In fact, nail-polish remover is the

Keloid – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Definition A keloid is a harmless growth of fibrous tissue at the site of a healing scar. It is caused by overproduction of collagen. The skin heals by formation of scar tissue, which at first is often red and somewhat prominent. After the months pass, a keloid usually becomes flat. A keloid is abnormal because the scar extends above and beyond the site of the original injury. Normal scars stay confined to the site of injury. Keloids are thick, smooth areas of pink scar tissue. The scar tissue is raised above the level of the surrounding skin. Causes The cause

Digital Vaporizer For Better Control Over Vapors

[embedded content] The volcano vaporizers not only allow you to regulate the temperature of the vapors coming out of it, but also displays it temperature. There are two variations of volcano vaporizer that are available in the market. The classic version of the volcano vaporizer comes without a digital display, and the digital vaporizer comes with a digital display. The digital display allows you to precisely control the temperature of the vapors coming out of the vaporizer. You can also control the rate of vapors with the help of the two valves that are provided with this product. The valves

Toothache – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Definition “Toothache” usually refers to pain around the teeth or jaws. It is usually caused when a nerve in the root of a tooth becomes irritated. Generally a toothache happens if tooth decay penetrated the pulp chamber or is very close to it, which contains the nerves and tiny blood vessels. Tooth decay is the primary cause of toothaches for most children and adults. Bacteria that live in your mouth thrive on the sugars and starches in the food you eat. These bacteria form a sticky plaque that clings to the surface of your teeth. Causes The most common cause

Impetigo – Causes and Treatment

[embedded content] Skin infection that causes a painless red rash with many small, itchy blisters, some of which contain pus. When the blisters break, characteristic yellow crusts form. Some people also have a slight fever with impetigo. Occasionally, bullous skin ulcers develop, creating a condition called ecthyma, which is likely to cause scarring. The infection, which is most common in infants and children, is caused by either streptococcal or staphylococcal bacteria. In some instances, the bacteria come from an infection elsewhere in the body, usually the nose or ears. In other cases, the bacteria invade the skin through a minor

Eight Excellent Tips for Selecting a Bridesmaid Dress

[embedded content] Every bride wants her wedding day to be as close to her dreams as possible. She should glow with happiness as it the most memorable day of her life. But sometimes all the wedding planning can get a girl down, especially the task of choosing the right bridesmaid dress. It is a harrying process and can often leave you wailing with despair. Shopping online can take away a lot of the inconvenience and sites like Promtimes have a gorgeous collection of trendy bridesmaid dresses that will make everyone happy. Here are a few tips to make the selection

Folliculitis – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Definition Folliculitis is the name given to a group of skin conditions in which there are inflamed hair follicles. Hot tub folliculitis is an infection that develops after exposure to certain forms of bacteria that reside in warm, wet environments such as hot tubs. Folliculitis can affect both women and men at any age. It can develop on any part of the body, but is most likely to occur on the scalp, face, or parts of the arms, armpits, or legs not usually covered by clothing. Superficial folliculitis often clears by itself in a few days, but deep or recurring

Humidifier in opposition to spray

[embedded content] Tweet Equally effective in humidifying the air and steam vaporizer cool mist humidifier, air humidifier to provide relief of symptoms and can give your house. In this article, a humidifier or vaporizer will help explain how to make things more comfortable for adults and children. It is a noticeable difference with a little water what’s amazing what you can do! The difference between a humidifier and vaporizer what is? Spray the boiling water and provide heating in the room with steam. Vaporizer is a device that stored heat to boil water in the tank for. When water flows,

Simple Tips For Better Tennis Serve

There are a lot of hits in tennis which can be very much enhanced by simply a few easy guidelines. The serve is frequently the main technically hard stroke. Fortunately, here are some simple tips which can facilitate you recover your serve. Settle down your upper limb as well as wrist. The wrist gives 11-21% of the control in a serve. The action which gives this control is known as wrist pronation. What this on the whole means is that the wrist bends downhill when it hits the ball with babolat racquet. You must to have a liquid service movement.