Bridal Makeup Tips

The wedding day is the most awaited day for every woman and the greatest dream for every young lady. On your wedding day, you must be the fairy queen you have always wanted to be and you must look at your best. Keep in mind the fact that, during this day you will be extremely photographed, more than ever, probably. Therefore, even after lots of years you will have to look at you on your wedding day and smile nostalgically, admiring your dazzling beauty as a bride.

First of all, it is well to know that a bridal makeup isn’t all about colors, eye shadows, foundation and the way you use them. A great makeup looks even greater on a beautiful, clean and soothed skin. Thus, prepare yourself days before your wedding day. Get a good night sleep before the big day, despite all the anxiety and excitement and try to eat well in order to look fresh and glowing. When beginning to do your makeup, keep nearby a friend to help you out with everything you need, especially with that quick touchup (powder, hair pins, safety pins, gloss and lip color, paper tissues, and even a mild pain killer that should always exist in your handbag)

When beginning your makeup, make sure your face is fresh, moisturized and clean so that the foundation should adhere easily to your skin and give you a natural look. Choose long lasting cosmetics that are sure to make it through those many hours of tiresome and stress. You are free to use shimmer and gloss on this day which will make you shimmer and look like a true princess. Careful with the colors you use; remember that blue-toned colors will only make you appear darker in the photos. Choose instead a natural look by using neutral and warm shades. In order to avoid a vamp like and vulgar look, pay more attention to the lipstick. Stay away from blue, red and fuchsia lipsticks, but also avoid snowy and very much reflective lipsticks that are too old-fashioned. Use instead luminescent cosmetics that give warmth to your look. Remember that, if correctly applied; the concealing bar is foundation best friend. The face powder also has to be carefully used on neck, ears and chest too in order to avoid a painted-face look.

If you have a summer wedding, after completing up make up spray sealer on your face so that it should last longer. For a long lasting lip color, apply lipstick on your lips, take off excess of color then reapply it. Coordinate your eyebrows with the color of your hair. For example, blondes can apply a brown shades to cover-up their eyebrows, where as redheads can apply brown, golden or else orange shades, depending on the under tone of the hair. It should be great for you to have previously rehearsed your make up and hairstyle so that everything should go perfectly on your wedding day. Just as you have imagined it!

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