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Skin being largest organ to slush out toxic material from the body, it needs care to be healthy and keep glowing.

Skin consists of the face, the body, the hands and the legs. Regular exfoliating the skin and scrubbing with mild scrubbers will bring the normal natural glow. Lot of water and nutritious foods will keep the skin healthy.

However, there are many external ways to maintain the skin.

Facial care

The face is exposed to the sun and dirt always. It has also the most sensitive skin on the body. There are many sunscreen lotions and creams available to help the skin remain protected from the effects of sun. If one gets tan despite the protective steps, then a facemask made of honey and egg white should be gently applied on the face to remove the tan.

To cleanse the face, cucumber juice mixing with milk can be made into a paste and should be applied. For oily skin, one can prepare a paste with 1/4-cup of cocoa, 3 teaspoon oatmeal powder, 1/3-cup cocoa and ripe papaya, three teaspoons of heavy cream and 1/3-cup of honey keep for 10mins after application on the face and then washed.

People with oily skins can wash their faces after rubbing a wedge of lemon all over the face and washing it after 20 minutes.

Skin in general

Blemishes of any kind can be taken care of with application of carrot juice. The dry skin can be moisturized with application of a paste of vegetable oil, honey and lemon it should be left for 15 minutes.

For a glowing face, a mask of a pumpkin slice along with milk and egg yolk it has to be applied to the face for 35mins for a shining skin. Half cup of honey mixed to the bath water makes the skin glowing also.

To have a soothing skin, make a paste of almonds and mint leaves it should be made with Luke warm water.

Dark underarm can be treated with cucumber and lemon juices mixed along with turmeric daily apply it for 15 minutes.

Application of a egg white along with corn flour and sugar on the face and keeping it for 15 minutes before peeling off and washing, will remove facial hair.

Treatment of pimples

A mixture of turmeric and neem, or a mixture of crushed mint leaves with oats, or a paste of thick curd, turmeric and two drops of oils: any one of these will take care of pimples on face.

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