Perfect Eyebrows

Since face is the most important visible limb of the body and the indicator of beauty, one of the important component on face is the eye brow. It helps create impression and makes the expressions permanent. It is worth the effort to groom the eyebrows well.

Make the eyebrows look the best

Decide on the shape of the eyebrow that will look best on your face. Get the best shape that attracts you and is close to the shape of your face. It helps to have a list of ideas so that one can alter at the next session, if it does not feel suitable at the first go.

There are some facts about the eyebrows. An arched eyebrow makes the featured defined and clear, while round eyebrows defuse the look but makes the face innocent. Flat eyebrows are the option when there is no other possibility left. People do also like extremely thin eyebrows. That gives a hard look.

Oval shaped faces are the best shaped faces that look best with any shape but curved eyebrows match well. Round faces can be given an oval look with arched eyebrows. Round eyebrows will suit the square and rectangle shaped faces.

Outline the eyebrow

Once the eyebrow shape is sorted out, the size of the eyebrow should be decided upon. It starts from the place where the nose ends. Starting from that point to the end of the eye, is the length the eyebrow should take. Thickness of the eyebrow depends upon personal discretion.

Where to work on the eyebrow?

If you want to do the shaping at home, either tweeze it or self thread it. Trimming can be good for emergencies. But one can get many options in a salon. One can go for waxing and threading. Ayeborws can be colored, have pierces, and can be enhanced with a pencil.

Point of caution

The eyebrows should not be carelessly plucked because it will take months to grow the brow. The space between the eyebrows should be sufficiently wide.

Before threading and plucking, it is good idea to exfoliate the area with a a gentle scrub. This helps to take pain well.

It is wise to invest in a good pair of tweezers.

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