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What makes one go for some makeup? It is to look brighter by face. It brings a confident look when one is sure of looking right.


Since flawless skin is the first makeup one would like to have, the kin blemishes can be taken care with will be choosing a right kind of foundation which would stick to the skin without appearing to have been applied.

Since Asian and Caucasians are yellowish in their skin, the foundation should be of that tinge. One should be careful about choosing the color because otherwise it shows up as being ashy. It is also wise to have camouflage foundations if one can manage with foundations not exactly matching the skin tone.

Accentuating the strengths in a face is the next step after application of the foundation. And with a little innovativeness one can have a little variation in the make up also. There are little tricks about the cosmetic use and to heighten the natural looks.

Taking Care of Pre Makeup Skin

For preparation of the makeup, one has to prepare a solution of lemon and orange juice and apply on the face with upward and outward strokes. This can be washed after 10 minutes. This tightens the skin and wash off extra oil.

For dry skin, one can prepare a oily solution with 1/th teaspoon of ginger juice, 2 teaspoons of light sesame oil, 2 teaspoons of apricot kernel oil, 2 teaspoons of vitamin E oil, half cup of cocoa butter which can be pre heated in an oven and then cooled. Orange or lemon juice can be applied for fragrance.

Almonds and milk into a consistent paste has an effect to tighten the skin which delays wrinkles.

Cleaning the skin of clogged dirt and then nourishing it with externally and internally with healthy ingredients and habits is the foremost for skin care.

Hair Makeup

The hair should be properly cleaned off the conditioner regularly. Mayonnaise can be applied for its conditioning after a thorough clean up and then it should be rinsed off. One should avoid drinking of a lot of caffeine and tea and eat a lot of vegetables and fresh fruit juice. One should wear a hair style which is easy to manage and complements the look.

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