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Powders give a matte finish to the face. For a flawless skin, it gives a glowing look and absorbs any sweat or resultant oil. The face should be perfectly smooth before application of the powder because it will stick to any crease existing on the face. A blot or a clump will result.

Use of makeup powder will result in smooth sheen produced to the skin. Other makeup will get adjusted once the powder is applied. The cream based shadows and pencils will adhere to the place with powder and extra shine from the foundation will be absorbed.

How to apply powder

Use a brush to apply powder. The brush should have sweeping movement towards down and outwards. Te small hairs on the face stand up when the brush is swept upwards which makes the makeup fuzzy and spoilt. Too much of eye shadow can be dusted with powder to soften the color.

Variety of makeup powders

Loose powder in the morning sets the makeup, and your look will remain fresh all during the day. The loose powder makeup stops various spots from appearing on the face. These spots appear to be running from one spot to another. Extremely lightweight powders give an elegant finish without any binding agents. Loose powder comes in various hues of skin tones like Pink, Yellow, Olive and Brown.

Pressed powders give a good touch to the makeup and it should be applied with a powder brush.

A translucent loose powder is best for normal to oily skin which absorbs excess oil. But for a dry skin, a pressed powder is ideal which provides moisture.

Use of Mineral Powder

It depends upon the application as to how the finish will be. The brush needs to be dipped into the magic dust, and the excess powder will be blown away off the bristles. If you need to highlight your features, then, application of a little powder under the eyes, then downwards the side of the nose and then onto the tip of the chin is the usual procedure.

When a foundation appears too shiny, a dab or two of the powder sponge will achieve the effect of giving the skin a flawless texture.

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