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Doing and wearing day by day a great makeup is not all about skills. When you admire a woman’s makeup, wondering which her secrets are, remember these makeup tips. That certain woman is surely a person that takes into consideration every detail so that her face should look fresh, clean but at the same time flawless and sophisticated.

Let’s begin with the makeup tools. A great makeup depends a lot on the tools you use; firstly, they have to be high quality tools, which treat your skin gently and last for years in your makeup box. Still not enough! Every woman should be extremely attentive with her tools hygiene. The brushes and applicators, but especially the face and cheek brushes, should be regularly cleaned. If you don’t have a special brush cleaner, it’s essential for you to know that a simple shampoo should do enough. Do not forget the golden rule: do not lend your makeup, and especially your tools. Every person has her own hygiene and lending your tools, lipsticks or mascara, increases the risk of getting someone else’s bacteria. The cleaner the makeup is, the greater the results will be. Remember to begin your makeup having your face and hands clean. Likewise, try to avoid borrowing makeup or tools from someone else.

Your makeup won’t last during the day unless you pay attention to it. Here is a tip for making the makeup last longer: after you have finished doing your makeup douse a pad in cold water, squeeze it well and press it gently over your skin. You can do the same thing with an ice cube wrapped up in a piece of gauze. If your lipstick doesn’t last enough, before applying it, use foundation
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on your lips which has to be applied carefully with your fingers. Usually, the lipsticks that last longer are the non-greasy ones. For a lasting eye makeup, you should powder well your eyes before beginning to apply the eye shadow. Keep always in your purse some cotton buds, to remove the extra eye shadow which may spread; also a little mirror and some makeup remover wet wipes. At the end of the day remember that a makeup which lasted a whole day on the face has to be removed immediately. Your face needs to breathe and to stay clean several hours. Help your skin by using high quality makeup remover lotions and a moisturizing cream. The makeup you wear will always be ‘friendly’ if know how to deal with it. Take into consideration these little tips and you’ll get along just fine.

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