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The makeup box is a ‘must have’ for every young lady that wants to achieve an extravagant and fashionable look. Very often, the greatest makeup companies promote their products, whether we talk about lipstick or mascara, as absolutely necessary and sufficient for a woman’s beauty. Still, a woman has to now that a lipstick or mascara is not enough, and that a complete makeup box must contain several other pieces.

First, a makeup box has to contain a proper foundation, face powder, mascara, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, lip liner and eye shadow. Regularly, it is not enough to have a single piece of all these: concerning the lipstick, the eye shadow, the lip liner, the eyeliner and, sometimes, the blush, it is advisable that you should have more colors of each model so that you could do different styles of make up. Concerning the foundation, the face powder and the mascara, a single piece of each one should do it.

Besides all these, the makeup tools are also very important. For a well-done make up, a woman should use different types of brushes. Briefly, one should have a simple but complete brush set containing a face brush, a cheek brush, a lip brush, a lash and eyebrow comb and a couple of eye brushes and applicators. It is essential for a woman to use high quality brushes that are gentle with the skin and can last for years in ones makeup box. Let’s not forget about the makeup mirror, the eyelash curler and the cosmetic case. Those tiny, trivial cotton buds are essential when doing the makeup, being extremely used to correct the makeup errors. They should constantly exist in a makeup box in order to remove the extra eye shadow or foundation. Another important piece is the makeup remover lotion that can be very helpful while doing the makeup or when removing it completely. The makeup remover should be gentle with the skin but it also has to remove the make up completely, leaving the skin clean and beautiful.

It may seem difficult to deal with such a makeup package; we can change your way of seeing things by offering a wide range of makeup cases which contain everything you need. Our offer is a miraculous all-in-one solution that solves all your problems all of a sudden. Moreover, our makeup box contains also a makeup guide which explains everything about makeup hygiene, maintaining the makeup tools and using the different types of colors and tools. You can create your own makeup box by choosing your foundation and face powder colors, by choosing your own range of colors in each case. You will rapidly obtain your personalized makeup case which contains the colors and shades that represent you best. You don’t have to take it step by step anymore…We offer you all!

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