Eyebrow Piercing

Body piercing is not a new issue at all. There are a lot of archaic peoples which used to wear such decorative elements and a lot of people wear them nowadays too.

Does eyebrow piercing ache?

Well it does not ache as much as you can imagine. You will feel a quick sting and a little pressure for less than a second. Eyebrows area is not as delicate as your genital area for example, and it also depends on the dexterity of the person who applies your jewel.

Why don’t they apply an anesthetic in the eyebrows area?

A local anesthetic is not efficient at all and a total anesthesia can create more discomfort than eyebrow piercing. The tissue which is injected gets contracted and it will be impossible to spot the right place.

Can an eyebrow piercing be applied using a pistol?

The answer is no, because a pistol uses a quite blunt needle and the piercing is performed forcefully, therefore it can provoke pain and even a trauma. Actually pistols can’t be sterilized in order to be used again.

Eyebrow piercing tips

You have to pay serious attention to your piercing area in order to avoid any possible infection or allergies. If your skin is more sensitive, you have to use only special metals for your eyebrow piercing, like gold of 14 to 18 carats. Besides, a local perfect hygiene is necessary and you must have a balanced diet based on vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B and zinc and this will help you cure more quickly the piercing area.

Furthermore you have to know that eyebrows offer personality to our face and underline the beauty of our eyes, so if you want to apply a piercing you must choose the one which matches the other traits of your face.

Your eyebrow piercing will match the shape of your face too; therefore you can apply different types of such jewels according to the oval, round, triangular, or square face, as well as according to the shape of our eyebrows, which can be slightly arcuate, or parallel with your eyes or straight.

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