Celebrities Without Makeup

Beautiful faces, big and juicy lips, smooth skin, shimmering cheeks, breathe taking eyes, and perfect hairstyles…they are our fashion and beauty icons. Celebrities are famous especially because of their astonishing look, because of their special skills and due to their striking personalities. But let’s face it! Without the look, the other ones are useless. However, celebrities are sometimes fed up with being celebrities; nowadays, we hear about stars that wear no makeup in their every day life…why is so??? It is because, after all, celebrities are human too. That flawless face that you see in a magazine picture has its own imperfections and its own cells that need to breathe. You feel it too, when you wear your makeup every day long and when you get home tired and exhausted. A celebrity wears a lot more makeup than you do and is sometimes more stressed than you are.

Lately, paparazzi pictures with celebrities wearing no makeup at all have literally frightened us. Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz have an awful face covered in acne, Avril Lavigne does usually her own makeup on the stage; in her daily life she wears no make up at all, looking trivial, as if she were a pale clerk. So does Pamela Andersen who wears a striking and powerful makeup in public. At home and on the street she can lightly walk without being bothered; she can’t be recognized. Madonna is undoubtedly one of the scariest appearances without her must-have makeup. After all, she is in her 50’s; what were we expecting? What about Alicia Silverstone, then? Without any makeup on her face she looks heavy and tired. Her skin is oily and grimy…Thus celebrities that wear no makeup in their every day life don’t do it necessarily for their skin health. They are rather neglectful with themselves when it comes to take care of their own face and body at home.

Of course, this is not a general rule. There are cases when celebrities, whether we talk about men or women, have their own home treatments and look at their best in their every day life without using makeup…Natalie Portman, for example is one of the most beautiful celebrities in Hollywood. She is known to be very careful with her body and soul and having conceptions about beauty coming from inside. Extremely rational and discreet, Natalie Portman leads a healthy and organized life, and one can easily see it on her face both in real life and on TV. Stars like Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman or Sharon Stone wear a discreet and light makeup, however succeeding impeccably in showing their astonishing beauty. Not once they have demonstrated that makeup is just a minor retouch over their natural beauty.

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