Famous Faces Who Have Sported Braces

Are you having trouble deciding if you need braces? You might be surprised to know how much of a difference they can make in your facial structure. They can correct over-bites, under-bites, and even change your jaw shape. Braces make your teeth straight and perfect so that you will happily show off your smile to the world. Modern technology has even made braces completely inconspicuous thanks to Invisalign technology. This means that you will not be boasting a mouth full of metal if you decide to get them as an adult. If you are still not convinced, then check out these celebrities who wore braces.

1) Prince Harry

Prince Harry was a precocious teen thanks to this spunky personality, red hair, and braces. However, his brilliant smile now makes legions of girls from all over the world fall in love with him.

2) Drew Barrymore

Drew was a child star who was constantly in tabloids and on film. However, that did not stop her from getting braces. Today she has grown into a gorgeous woman who models for brands like CoverGirl. She might not have the career she has today if she did not get braces!

3) Miley Cyrus

Miley began her television career playing Hannah Montana. Many people do not know that she was actually wearing braces at that time too. Miley wore a special kind of braces that were bonded behind her teeth instead of the front. This kept her camera ready while fixing her teeth.

4) Emma Watson

Harry Potter star Emma Watson wore braces before she won her role as Hermione who is also known to have crooked teeth. However, that did not keep her from landing campaigns for big names like Burberry. Today Emma’s teeth are perfectly straight and gorgeous.

5) Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise began wearing invisible braces as an adult. This movie star did not let his dental problems stop him from starring in mega blockbuster hits.

6) Gwen Stefani

No Doubt’s lead singer sported braces back in 1999. Gwen said she envied those with them as a child. She decided to get them as a fashion statement, and because she could finally afford them.

As you can see, there are plenty of celebrities who have sported braces at both the beginning and height of their careers. Adults and teens have both worn them with no problem. If you are interested in getting braces you should visit your local dental centre today. The staff will be more than happy to discuss your dental options with you. Don’t wait, get started today!

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