Eight Excellent Tips for Selecting a Bridesmaid Dress

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Every bride wants her wedding day to be as close to her dreams as possible. She should glow with happiness as it the most memorable day of her life. But sometimes all the wedding planning can get a girl down, especially the task of choosing the right bridesmaid dress.

It is a harrying process and can often leave you wailing with despair. Shopping online can take away a lot of the inconvenience and sites like Promtimes have a gorgeous collection of trendy bridesmaid dresses that will make everyone happy.

Here are a few tips to make the selection process a whole lot easier:

  • Flattering to all body types: Rule number one (especially if your bridesmaids have different builds) is to choose a dress style that will work well for every body shape and won’t look like a horror!
  • Season: Keep the season in mind. For example, crepe and taffeta is wonderful in the summer and velvet works really well in winter.
  • Well constructed: Ensure that the dresses are designed and stitched well and most importantly- are comfortable. Nobody wants any last minute fashion disasters while walking down the aisle!
  • Colour scheme: It is extremely important to choose your wedding colour scheme wisely because it will affect your decor and your bridesmaid’s dresses. You may love celery green or think fluorescent is super trendy, but select a colour that will suit all your bridesmaids and won’t make them shed a tear.
  • Decide on accessories before selection: It is easier to decide whether the bridesmaid dresses should be embellished or plain, if you figure out what accessories you want them to wear with the dress.
  • Keep the theme of the bridal dress in mind: The bridesmaid dresses shouldn’t clash with the style of the bridal dress. If the bride’s dress is high necked and formal, the bridesmaids definitely shouldn’t be wearing short and tight fitting cocktail dresses!
  • Versatility: If you would like to make your bridesmaids happy, try looking for dresses which they can re-use after the wedding. Nowadays, it is quite easy to find dresses which are suitable to wear to different occasions.
  • Sales: One last suggestion is to keep your eye out for sales! Often bridal shops have clearance sales where you can pick up perfectly good dresses at a much cheaper rate.

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