Punk Hairstyles: Getting Yourself Noticed

The vivid and voguish punk hairstyles are one of the most popular hairdos of the present times. Being widely liked by the teenage populace, the punk hairstyle is meant for the people in quest of an appearance far from the ordinary. Vibrant neon shades, asymmetrical and shaven cuts, spikes and loops are a few recognizable pointers indicating a punk hairdo.Originated in the mid-seventies, the punk hairstyles became prevalent with the advent of MTV. However, several variations have been observed in the weird hairstyle over a span of time. The punk hairdos in the 70s had comprised of tinted spikes while the 80’s punk had been immensely influenced by the Mohawk haircut, also being known as the “scalp lock”, characterized by an entire shaved scalp with a tuft of hairs in the middle.

The Mohawk haircut is one of the trendiest forms of punk hairstyle including a number of variations such as Liberty spikes, Dread hawk, Fanned, Slant hawk, Chelsea-hawk, 270 degree hawk, Beaver, Bi-hawk, Tri-hawk, Reverse Mohawk Side hawk, Blow hawk, Cross hawk, Death hawks, Mollet, Mini-Mo, Glow hawk, etc. Other varieties of punk hairstyle include original punk hairstyle, skate punk hairstyle, death or horror punk hairstyle and pop punk hairstyle.

The original punk hairstyle consists of purple or pink-dyed spikes created with the help of hair gel. Skate punk is characterized by asymmetrical cuts and bright coloration at the ends, rendering one’s hairs an impressive look. The death or horror punk reflects the gothic touch where spikes are being tinted with blue-black shades. Lastly, the pop punk hairstyle comprises of varied light colorations at different points in the long hair.

In spite of being easily manageable and simple to create, punk hairstyles require a great deal of proper care and maintenance. Because of the massive application of various synthetic and chemical hair products including hair sprays, gels and dyes, the hairs might be adversely affected. Therefore, regular hair conditioning is advisable. Moreover, individuals possessing the shaven look should go for regular cuts to maintain their weird and wonderful look.

The strikingly unconventional punk hairstyles are the ever-changing hairdos ordained to stay in the fashion scenario for a long time. One of the latest fads of current times, the punk hairstyles are the trendy icons representing one’s individuality and the rebellious versatility.

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