Protein Supplements in Different Forms

Green smoothies are the blended combination of fruits and vegetables instead of juiced. They are equally good as green drink and can be made as you like by adding more vegetables or fruits whichever you like or both in equal quantity. They are preferred to be taken in the morning as like the green juice! Green smoothies will have all the fiber content from vegetables and fruits intact and are a nice fresh feeling to have. You van have it prepared at home if you have a blender.

There are many ways to break the fast early in the morning. Your body is tired having nothing since 8 to 9 hours depending on your sleeping pattern. Now you need to energise your body and get into work. For it to start with, it should be provided with light food or drink that is easily digestible and provides rich energy. Whey proteins are the best supplements for that matter and are well suited to take in the morning as they are easily digestible, and are also the fastest digestive protein and rich in energy.

Protein shakes are important under which comes all other protein supplements and protein drinks, in general all together they are called the protein shakes. They are available in the form of powder and you may consume it your desired way with water or milk. They are to be consumed not more than 800 grams of quantity in a day to be on safer side and not advisable to cross the limit.

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