A Guide to the Essential War Paint Tools

“In high school I got really into makeup. I asked for a professional makeup kit one Christmas and obsessively collected all these brushes. I didn’t even know what half of them did, I just loved having them.”

___Katharine McPhee

Makeup brushes, the implements being utilized for an immaculate cosmetics application, have become one of the necessary accessories for today’s women desirous of looking the best. Being available in a diversified range, each one designed for a specific function, they are considered an essential part of a complete cosmetic kit.

Makeup brushes are further classified into various types including powder or blush brush, eyeshadow brush, eyebrow brush, concealer brush, highlight brush and lip brush. Powder brush with longer bristles and rounded tops is used for dabbing or blending the bronzers or powder being applied to the face, thus contouring the skin making it look vibrant. Smashbox Face and Body Brush is one of the powder brushes, which is worth giving a try. Eyeshadow brush is of three types: one meant for lining the rim of the eyes, another one for blending shades over the entire eyelid, and a third one serving as a highlighter playing up with the area beneath the brow. Sephora’s range of eyeshadow brushes is considered the best in the category. Moreover, compact highlight brushes are used for contouring eyeshadow around the brow bone. For defining the eyebrows’ shape and conflating the effects of brow pencil, an eyebrow brush, being made of nylon bristles, is employed. Concealer brushes such as Bare Escentuals and Smashbox are utilized for masking the blemishes and flaws, making one’s face photogenic. Last but not the least, a synthetic lip brush with fine bristles is designed to impart gloss and shine to the lips, making them look charismatic. It also renders longevity to the application and the lipstick stays on for hours. Sephora is considered the best brand of lip brush being available in the market.

Makeup brushes do require a great deal of maintenance and should be discarded after being used for a year. A few recommended products for cleaning a makeup brush includes a facial cleansing agent, a shampoo, any brand of brush cleaner or a solution of vinegar and water.

Makeup brushes are one of the essential tools of war paint. Its proper usage and application can transform the entire facial features, changing an individual’s appearance spectacularly, making it beguiling for the eyes around you.

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