What are leave-in conditioners?

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Leave-in conditioners are light moisturizers that are not rinsed out. They corne in two forms: Cream is applied to damp hair, and liquid is misted on damp or dry hair. Because leave-in conditioners are so light, many hairdressers J. recommend them for people with fine hair. However, they can be used by anyone. I adore leave-in conditioners for the extra level of protection and frizz-control they offer my dry hair. I use a leave-in conditioner in addition to using a regular rinse-out conditioner for dry hair, but the fine-haired or oily-haired among you will do best with one or the other. For a really super shine, treat your hair to a cold water final rinse. Cold water forces your hair’s cuticle tiles to lie tightly shut, creating a smooth surface from which light can bounce.

Do not use overly hot water to rinse conditioner from your hair, because it will damage your strands.

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