Nail Enemies – Drying Chemicals

[embedded content] While overabundant moisture damages nails, so does a lack of moisture. That’s why drying household chemicals, the oil-zapping ingredients in some face products, rubbing alcohol, and some nail products are so damaging to nails – they dry nail keratin out. When moisture is taken from nails, the nail cells shrivel. The result? The smooth, tight interlocking of nail cells becomes disrupted; in its place is a bunch of ruffled, barely joined cells, which lead to nail weakness, brittleness, and breaking. If there’s one thing that really dries out nails, it’s nail­polish remover. In fact, nail-polish remover is the

Get The Information You Need About Dermal Fillers

[embedded content] Life has many challenges. Challenges that we sometimes gladly embrace, and other times can’t seem to come to terms with. One such challenge is age. With all of its benefits, it surely does have a few set-backs that don’t go unnoticed. With age and experience comes dryer, less rejuvenated facial skin. Not only can this affect us emotionally, but it can also have a major impact on our social and work lives. Fortunately, new treatment suggests that we don’t have to suffer from rapidly increasing wrinkles and creases anymore. For those of us that are experiencing this kind