Beautiful Charlize Theron Hairstyles – How to Get Charlize Theron Hairstyle

Beautiful Charlize Theron Hairstyles – How to Get Charlize Theron Hairstyle


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If a hairstyle is good enough to grace a magazine cover then it may be good enough for you. The celebrity hairstyles are in fact a great way to help the young girls to make themselves unique in the crowd by flattering new wavy hairstyles. While enacting different character portrayals ranging from a safe cracker to a modern-day hippie, Charlize Theron hairstyles help the fashionable young brunettes flaunt a unique fashion statement. She has experimented with different types of hairstyles ranging from luxuriously long to flapper short and then back again to the same. It was for her Oscar nominated role in North Country that the golden mane of this South African born beauty underwent a shaggy and limp style. But in the present time Charlize Theron has reclaimed most of her stylish tresses with shoulder-caressing curls that makes the most of her fine hair. If you want to sport the similar hairstyle like that of Charlize Theron then you can follow the advice given below to make you look outstanding in the coming party sessions.

  • If you have dry hair then you can shampoo and condition it. But on the other hand if you have colour treated hair like that of Charlize Theron then you can use a valorising shampoo which is especially formulated with moisturisers to protect the dry hair. Then you can go for a light conditioning rinse and make sure to keep it light as heavier conditioners always tends to leave a residue on the hair which makes it not only dull but also less light reflective.
  • You can also towel dry your hair and then massage it rigorously with a solemnizing product deep into the hair roots and then use your fingers and apply a handful of foam all over your hair. Following that you must comb your hair to insure that the product is evenly distributed al throughout the hair.
  • Soon after you can set the blow dryer on medium heat while gently finger combing from your crown to the ends.
  • Once when you hair gets dry you set your inch and a half curling iron on a very high setting. Then you can create a two-inch side part and then separate the hair into four sections, following which you can clip up each section. Then beginning at the back of the head and working with on-inch sections of the hair you can hold the curling iron on the vertical and then wrap the sections of the hair in a spiral around the iron. After that just hold and release and then don’t bother to touch the curl. In this way just continue throughout while working your way to the top of the head.
  • When all the curls are set and cool then you just gently separate with your fingers until you get to achieve the style you have desired so long and then place the barrette and in turn lightly mist with a finishing spray.


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