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A celebrity is a person who is widely recognized famous in a society and commands a high degree of public and media attention. The word Celebrities’ means famous. There has to be a level of public interest in the person which may or may not be connected to the reason they are famous. A public figure such as politician and industry leader may be famous but not a celebrity unless they are connected to mass entertainment and almost guaranteed to lead celebrity even if the person avoids media attention.

Eat well

If you want to look like a celebrity then you should eat proper food everyday. Try to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Try to eat them at least three times a day with your main meal because fruits and vegetables contain plenty of proteins and vitamins which will secure their skin shinning. Fish meat is the best resource of proteins that will protect and strengthen your eyes. Most celebrities use sardines which contain certain fats and oils that are extremely useful for your blood circulation on your skin. Celebrities drink lot of water because it helps tour skin to hydrate properly. They will drink at least eight to ten glasses of water daily.

Fitness trainer

Now a day’s every celebrity are very much interested on their body fitness. There are very much eager to lose weight and get in shape. At one time athletes use to have personal trainers to help them excel at their sport but today all over the world from celebrities to senior citizens are using personal trainers to help them to learn how to lose the weight of the body and get in shape. You must treat your trainer as a friend and take all the necessary guidance from him. You will monitor your trainer progress through methods such as body fat testing and heart rate level and give your trainer advice about your lifestyle and general information about health and nutrition.

Protect your skin

Every celebrity will have their own beautician and they will look after their skin properly. When you’re under the sun always use some protection yourself from the harmful sunrays. In winter they will apply some appropriate cream on their lips .celebrities look after their skin like gold. Hera is secret celebrity tip to tighten your skin apply tomato juice to your face and leave it for ten minutes and then clean it with cool water. It will tighten and protect your skin temporarily.


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