Beautiful Nicole Kidman Hairstyles – How to Get Nicole Kidman Hairstyle

A highly acclaimed actress of the modern era and a well recognized celebrity of the modern world, Nicole Kidman need no introduction to anyone. She has gathered fame across the globe with numerous block busters. Hey beautiful appearance has been responsible for an unbelievable male fan following for over a decade now. Most people believed that the clothes and hairstyles she wore in her movies or during any other noticeable occasion became a fashion statement of that time. Hair stylists feel that women having longer hairs prefer Nicole Kidman hairstyles over other celebrities and they too have fun in doing her style as it is pretty simple yet amazing to our eyes.

For a long period of time, Nicole Kidman hairstyles have acquired popularity from all around the globe. It is not possible to mention all of them. Let us look at some of her hairstyles that have been chosen through worldwide surveys:

Nicole Kidman Hairstyles # 1

This is a classic and simple hairstyle that she wore during the ‘Margot at the Wedding’ Premiere at the New York Film festival. Back of her hair was tied and smoothed for giving a stylish knot. Sides were pulled back for becoming a part of stylish knot giving a slick finishing. Such stylish Nicole Kidman hairstyle is easy to put on and can suit every occasion.

Nicole Kidman Hairstyles # 2

Another fashion statement was made by the blonde starlet, who we recognize as Nicole Kidman, during the L.A. Premiere of ‘God Grew Tired of Us’ with a soft and wavy hairstyle. Her long layer was cut around the side and top for creating a unique hairstyle. Such Nicole Kidman hairstyles can work perfect for hairs that are either medium or thick.

Nicole Kidman Hairstyles # 3

It is simple but sexy Nicole Kidman hairstyle that caught the eye of everyone at the 78th Annual Academy Awards. The hair-length was left under shoulder-level with the sides and tops layered for creating shape and body. These Nicole Kidman hairstyles belong to a category that is great for medium and thick hairs.

Nicole Kidman Hairstyles # 4

The blonde curls that are long and golden appear amazing on Nicole Kidman. Her hair-length was kept at shoulder levels for allowing them to bounce. Hairs were given a layered cut for creating a full shape around the mid-length. It has been considered as a perfect hairstyle for finer and medium hairs.

Nicole Kidman Hairstyles # 5

This amazing hairstyle was worn by Nicole Kidman during the filming of Moulin Rouge. It confirmed that the actress looks excellent with luscious curls. Long layers were cut at the sides and tops of her hairs for creating a softer shape and adding volume to either side. The layers also helped in flattening the curls.

The best thing about all the Nicole Kidman Hairstyles is that they have a simple but elegant look about them. Anyone can wear her style and look fascinating. Most hairstylists have fun doing her hairdo for its simplicity. So if you want to have any of the mentioned Nicole Kidman hairstyles or any other hairstyle that has acquired popularity through Nicole Kidman, visit your hairstylist now!

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