Anastasia Eyebrow – Let Anastasia Shape Your Brows

The range of perfect eyebrow products

Anastasia eyebrow colors are perfect color combination to make it look like Hollywood eyebrows sitting at home or in beauty salon. Anastasia Eyebrow is a complete makeover with more products for a better choice to achieve perfect and better look. Anastasia eyebrow has been appreciated widely and is very popular amongst the beauty practitioner.

Before beginning the process the skin should be prepared properly with a light weight gel or a pre –tweeze gel made with aloe Vera, peppermint oil calms or chamomile which cools the skin preparing the brows for a better tweezing. The eyebrows should be given a desired shape to make it more attractive. By using classic stencil and by filling the eyebrow with brow pencil eyebrows can be better arched and shaped. If the brow hairs are thick it should be tweezed and trimmed properly. With the use of a tweezers the hair outside the area of stencil should be properly tweezed. Excess outside hair should be clipped properly with the help of scissors. If there is redness or irritation in the areas, it is necessary to soothe and calm the skin by applying tweeze cream. The eyebrows can be highlighted by eye lights shimmer or by the use of eye lights Matte pencil by gently and smoothly blending into brow line. This will highlight the eyebrows well. As a last step in the process Anastasia Brow Gel can be used to hold the shape and conditioning of eyebrows. A good stencil can be used to achieve the Anastasia arch. It should be filled in with brow powder or brow pomade. A small angle cut brush can also be used.

The factors affecting eyebrow keeping

Eyebrows vary in size, shape, color and length. They differ from individual to individual. The face shape, nose and cheekbones are all framed by brow shape. A natural arch nicely groomed will feature and give a soft look. New range of cosmetic products is introduced by Anastasia, encompassing a wide variety.

Eyebrow is one of the most important parts of the face which adds to the beauty of the face. Eyebrows guard and protect the eyes from dust and dirt. It prevents debris like dandruff and objects falling into eye. Eyebrows prevent water and dripping. Women also pluck their eyebrows with tweezers which is a time consuming process to shape eyebrows. Eyebrows are removed by hot wax or through many other techniques. Some women just rip the hair with their fingers. Eyebrow piercing can create infection and therefore should be done properly as per procedure. An eyebrow professional can tweeze the eyes with proper and better shape by complementing and flattering the eyes. A pattern set by the professional tweezers should be followed strictly by using tweezers. Tweezers pick up dirt and dust. Before use of tweezers it is better to dip them in alcohol or astringents. The astringent or alcohol should be put o the cotton ball and the eyebrows should be wiped properly and neatly. Tweezing should be done in the direction of hair growth. The line should be followed strictly and the hair cleaned properly. Looking at a mirror will help a lot during Anastasia eye brow.

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