Eyebrow Pencils

Eyebrow Pencils


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One of the most important parts of face beauty is eyebrow. Eyebrows define the face structure uniquely. Usually eyebrows are considered to be something very tricky. Defining perfect eye brows is not an easy job. Basically eyebrow is an area comprising of hair which follows the brow bone. Eyebrows clearly express your emotions like anger and relaxation. For instance a raised eyebrow symbolizes anxiety of expression. Eyebrows are very helpful for mute communication, as they say expressions speak a lot. Eyebrows also safeguard your eyes from debris and other small objects. Eyebrows are lifeline of face. They also prevent moisture and other foreign objects entering into the eyes. To maintain there fashionable appearance and looks people usually trim their eyebrows. Trimming can be done through electric shavers and with use of tweezers.

Eyebrow Pencils a Cosmetic Tool

Plucking eyebrows can be quiet painful but over a prolonged trimming one gets immune to the pain. People these days are visiting parlors and beauticians to get that perfect look. Eyebrows are made beautiful with help of cosmetic tools like eyebrow pencils and colored pencils. Pencils can be used to highlight the eyebrows. Pencils are very useful in sketching perfect eyebrows, before simplifying your eyebrows you can use pencil to make an estimate sketch of the eyebrow which you want. Cosmetic tools like pencils are considered to be add-ons for that perfect look as pencil Bolden’s the appearance of eyebrows. With the help of pencils a unique look can be given to eyebrows.

How to get perfect eyebrow shape with help of pencils

To get a perfect eyebrow you need to start your eyebrow from the inside corner of your eye continuing up to the outside corner of eye at the end. Space above eyelashes is marked as an end to eyebrows. Trimming the eyebrows is the most essential thing. With perfectly trimmed eyebrow you can look younger than your age. After a certain time eyebrows starts losing their pigments, so continuous maintenance is a must for good looking eyebrows. With the help of eyeliner pencil, place it vertically and start sketching. You should start pencil from side of eye up to the end corner. If there is any hair beyond the region of sketch then you should pluck it out. To highlight the eyebrows more again start the sketch right from the point where it was finished to get a unique look. While using a pencil you must highlight the arch area carefully. To make the arch more visible you must line the arch area gradually increasing towards the end. Use of color pencil can add to the beauty of your eyebrows. You can select from the wide variety of colored pencils available in the market. It is best to choose a color which is darker then the color of your skin hair. So choose the best colored pencil which looks most appropriate on your hair. You can even consult some beautician or search the internet for that perfect look.


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