Eyebrow Piercing – How To Get an Eyebrow Piercing


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Eyebrow Piercing; The Latest Trend

Eyebrow piercing has become a hot issue in the beauty market. Eyebrow piercing does not leave a mark like tattoo. Care and caution is taken to keep a clean infection free hole and when removed does not leave any scar. Eye area is a most important part of the body for piercing. A wide range of jewellery is available to suit the kind of piercing opted for. It takes a minimum of six to eight weeks for the pain relief after piercing eye brow. The pain is very little and is in easily tolerable limits when the effects of eye brow piercing are considered. Occurrence of bleeding during the process of eye brow piercing differs from individual to individual. A right location has to be selected for the eye brow piercing. The popular procedure of Eyebrow piercing is be done from outside. The location of cheek blow outside corner will look attractive with make up and studs. As an alternative, another method of piercing is above the eyebrow. In some extreme cases bridge of the nose is also pierced.

The different choices

A choice has to be made on the insertion of either a barbell or a ring during piercing, though the salon can be consulted in the process. Care and caution should be taken in selecting a neat and well organized salon which has an experienced and licensed pierce. As a health precaution, the piercing equipment should be sterilized after each use and packed hollow needles should be used only once. During the procedure the piercing technician is supposed to wear packed new latex gloves. Before getting eyebrow pierced it is better and advisable to observe others’ eyebrow pierced in the salon as first hand information. Unless health precautionary measures are observed, communicable diseases may spread out of previously used or non sterilized equipment. It is advisable o wear dresses which need be pulled up over face to avoid pain in catching the jewel. Hair should also be kept aware from the piercing location.  Before beginning eyebrow piercing process, it is necessary to relax calmly with deep breath. One should stay still and not move during the process of eyebrow piercing by clamping the area with a hollow needle and ornaments insertion. As the entire process is going to take a very short period of time, it is advisable to close eyes and relax without wincing or jerking. After piercing process, to prevent skin infection due to penetration, salon has to be consulted further for advice.

The wound can be cleaned by cleansing solutions many times in a day as per advice. As alternatives sea salt in water, boiled or distilled water can also be used for cleaning process. Choice of eye brow ornaments should be final and the mind should not change in between the piercing process. Stainless steel, niobium or titanium ornaments, which are inert and hypoallergenic towards human skin and body, can be used for eye brow piercing. Even gold may cause infection or adverse reaction. Throbbing pain, heat, redness and swelling are some of the symptoms occurring after the eyebrow piercing are done. Doctor should be consulted in such cases and removing the ornaments without medical advice is not advisable. Infection of the wound may become worse when they invite germs to stay and trap them inside when closed. During the process of eye brow piercing attention should be diverted to avoid the pain. After going through the pain barrier and healing processes the look of the eyebrow becomes attractive.


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