Eyebrow Plucking Tips – Plucking Eyebrows

Get rid of the unwanted hairs

Eyebrow plucking is the best option for shaping the eyebrows. The other most accepted method is waxing the eye brows. Cosmetic professionals recommend eye brow plucking which is an art in which patience, creativity and skill of the plucking technique is involved. Apart from this a perfect vision, sense of symmetry and tools are also required for the eye brow plucking.

To begin with eyebrow plucking first of one has first stand at least three before a mirror and look at the eyebrows for a clear and full vision.  The eyebrows should be plucked when the pores are open. This can be done after a bath or covering the face with warm cloth, which is also the best time to pluck the eyebrows as the open pores do not sting much. Only a perfect eyebrow by plucking eyebrow can make the face more attractive. But at the same time care and caution should be taken not to over pluck too much which may look ugly. The ideal time to pluck the eye brow is the bed time which will allow any redness of plucking to vanish during sleeping time so that one get rise in the next morning with a beautiful face. Slant edge tweezers should be used for shaping brows as they grip hairs perfectly. The hair should be combed one way while removing loose strands. The hair should be plucked only in the direction of their growth so that the process is smooth and hurtles. Stray hairs beneath the eyebrow should be plucked carefully apart from the hair outside the natural brow. The mirror should be frequently watched to review the process and over plucking should be realized and stopped immediately.

Beautify your eyebrows, the correct method

The process can be initiated by drawing a thin line with eyebrow pencil to make a plan of shape. The eyebrows should begin from the inner corner. The peak in the natural eyebrow or outer area of iris should be accentuated by plucking forward. The entire process of eyebrow plucking and tweezing should be done carefully and cautiously. One should not pluck or tweeze too much hair. Before the process, the hair has to be softened by shaving cream or hair conditioner. A slight should be attempted which is the best brow. The skin should be cleaned from dust and dirt and the brows should be brushed up and out. A pair of tweezers can be used to tweeze the brows. The entire eyebrow plucking process can be performed before a magnifying mirror in perfect bright light to increase efficiency. Too much hair at the outer corners should not be plucked as the upward eyebrows may give an angry image. The top and bottom should be kept very smooth. In plucking and tweezing care of limitation and caution of not doing too much are very important. After the plucking is over, good quality gel should be applied to treat redness to make eyes calm and end irritation caused by plucking or tweezing. Only a neatly and patiently plucked eyebrow frames a beautiful face look.

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