Eyebrow Tattoo – Cosmetic Eyebrows Tattoos

The story behind Eyebrow tattoo

The history of cosmetic tattoo techniques dates back to ancient art. Cosmetic eyebrow tattoos is an aesthetic attempt and are a part of very old civilization to beautify the body especially eyes. Historical evidence is found in mummies of Mediterranean cultures Eyebrows serve as an important frame for the face look and beauty. With the advent of silent film era eyebrow tattoos became very famous in the year 1920. The technique of eyebrow cosmetic tattoo is practiced by many cosmetologists, surgeons, aestheticians, tattoo artists and nurses.

Eyebrow tattooing is a very common procedure with many practical applications especially for people suffering some diseases like multiple sclerosis causing shaky hands or people with vision problems like cataract. After chemotherapy eyebrows does not grow and hence permanent eyebrow tattoos are the best option available in the above cases of people. Eyebrow tattoos are a golden opportunity especially for people suffering alopecia, condition causing hair loss. People who are allergic to make up can opt for eyebrow tattoo without any possible side effects or physical reaction. Cosmetic eye brow tattoo helps many women from putting eyebrows daily.

The correct methodology

The application procedure of permanent eyebrows and regular tattoo are quite similar. Usual a tattoo gun is used which dispenses automatically inks to the tattoo location. The biocompatible inks made up of titanium dioxide pigments or iron oxide is delivered even below the skins by the use of tattoo gun. If the above electric tattooing process results in pain, then the tattoo professional may resort to manual tattooing use hand held needle for applying the pigment manually to the area to be tattooed. Hence manual tattooing is always better than the electric tattooing in the delivery of pigment inside skin as a fast tattoo gun may cause more pain in some persons. Moreover, in manual tattooing with needs has no side effects of bruise, bleeding or swelling are reported. They have good results of professional touch in thin eyebrows with delicate tattoo work. However the tattoo professional has to be consulted for his well considered advice regarding the application procedure. People having prolapsed mistral heart should take antibiotic to prevent bacterial infection inside the heart. Aspirin and nicotine which are allergic to pigments should also be eliminated to prevent or minimize bleeding or swelling.

Eyebrow tattooing can be applied to all individuals except on persons having Herpes Simplex who may face sores and scarring on the tattooed area. People taking immunosuppressive drugs or anticoagulants or suffering from acute illness may also be exempted from the permanent tattoo process. The tattoo cosmetician or doctor may prescribe topical anesthetic in the tattooed area before the process to the people who are not tolerant to pain. The procedure also involves waiting for the tattooed area to numb. The tattooing procedure is quicker and faster when the professional cosmetician use stencil or some outline to guide his work. Though, electric tattooing with gun is faster than any other procedure of tattooing, handwork will result in the look of more attractive eyes and face value.

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