Eyebrow Trimmer – Technique of Eyebrows Trimming

The beauty of eyes is highlighted more with perfect eyebrows. Eyebrows play an important role in framing your natural beauty. After a perfect makeover the effect of eyebrows on face is impeccable. Good eyebrows will always enhance the beauty of your face giving you a unique look. So it is must to have the right eyebrow trimming if you want to look good. Usually a coveted eyebrow shape is preferred it is a type of eyebrow look which starts from the inner core of eye and the highest point of such eye brow is usually outer corner of eye called iris. To get a perfect look experts say that threading and plucking should begin with point near to nose and should end at outer end of eyes. Perfect eyebrow trimming is must so you must be cautious while trimming.

Technique of Eyebrow Trimming

For perfect eyebrow trimming begin with plucking the hair on sides and then slowly move to middle lower part of the eyes. If you follow this procedure of trimming then you will get a good curve. Eyebrows should never be bushy; according to experts the middle part of eyebrows should be thick while end part should be bent and thin. If you want to have luster on your eyebrows then rub one or two drops of oil on your eyebrows very gently.

A good eyebrow is one which remains in shape and color all the time. For perfect coloring you can even you some cosmetic tools like pencils which are available in market. Pencils for coloring come in several brands with different and unique colors. Experts say that pencils enhance the beauty of your face as eyebrows can be highlighted distinctly with the help of pencils. To fill the eyebrows pencils are the basic tools. To get a unique look try to get the line of your brow bone in a natural way. Always remember to keep arch highest at the outer part of your pupil. Usually most of women are confused regarding where should eye brow begin, for that place a pencil from side of nose it will give you the exact position to begin with. If you are confused at what you should be the end point then hold the pencil in a diagonal position from corner of eye to brow bone. Try to taper down the brow at point beyond the eye to get a perfect finish.

Some Eyebrows Trimming Tips

You should not pluck the eye brows too much. Before trimming wipe the brow area with astringent poured in a cotton ball, this would prepare your skin for trimming. Brushing the eyebrows with small amounts of gel will give it a unique look. Also try to use mascara for coloring the eyebrows. The maintenance of eye brow is must and you should perform the procedure at least once in fortnight. You can also use manicure scissors for trimming if you have long hairs. You must remain cautious during trimming so as to prevent holes from appearing after the process.

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