Eyebrow Waxing At Home – How To Wax Your Eyebrows

Why opt for eyebrow waxing

Eyebrow was is the best alternative for eyebrow blucking or tweezing the unnecessary eyebrow hair for achieving a perfect eyebrow shape. It is necessary to understand the proper use of eyebrow wax without any trouble.

Though eyebrow waxing is a better and long lasting method than threading or tweezing, it has its own effects of pain in the process especially for individuals using it for the first time. Instead of one single hair, all the hair are removed simultaneously at once stripping the upper layer of skin cell causing pain during the wax treatment. However the pain is only a temporary affair and can be soothed properly. Waxing achieved long lasting results and are very smooth and perfect compared to other methods of hair removal.

Various types and brands of eye brow waxes are available for the choice of customers. Before the purchase a review should be made considering the effect of ingredients on allergic reactions. Bfore using the wax, manufactuerer’s instructions printed on the product shold be read carefully and followed strictly. Wax can be used effectively after repeated practice. Many individuals wax their eye brows on thier own developing good techniques and do not go to salon.

The tips and procedure

Before using the eybrow wax, the area should be washed and cleaned any any dirt or oil which can prevent wax should be removed. Numb area can be applied with ice so that wax can adhere properly. A proper brow shape should be determined by the use of a photograph or using a mirror. While looking at mirrow one should look at different distances to get a better idea by using the eye brow pencil for a perfect, preferred, symmetrical and even shape. The wax should be heated only upto the prescribed temperature for getting best results as overheating may cause burns. Care and caution should be taken not to contact eyes with the heated wax accidentally. The brow should be combed properly by the use of tooth brush or a brow brush to follow natural shape and the direction of hair growth. A tooth pick can also be used to part the brow with desired shape. Wax should be applied carefully and cautiously in the direction of hair grown to make the eyebrow sooth. The wax should be applied in small instalments so that drips can be minimised. Initially too much eye brow hair should not removed. Linen strip should be pressed to wax and some time should be given for adherence of wax. The skin taut should be pulled and the strip shold be removed quickly in the opposite direction of growth of hair. The entire process should be repeated till a desired shape is achieved. Tweezers can be used to pluck too short or stray hairs which could not be removed by eyebrow wax. The brow area should be cleaned and any leftover wax should be removed to prevent clogging of pore or causing ingrown hairs.

After the waxing process is over, skin should be given a chance to adjust by itself. Sunscreen, lotion, makeup or use of other chemicals may be avoided for some time as wax removes top layer of the skin cells causing temporary redness or puffiness. The skin may also be soothed using ice. However, a physician should be consulted for allergic reaction, if the redness persists for a longer time without subsiding.

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