Eyebrow Threading – Perfect Eyebrows Threading

What is eyebrow threading for?

Eyebrow threading is a very old and traditional method for removal of hair in eyes. In eyebrow threading the hair removal becomes easy when the eye lid is stretched.  It is believed to have originated in India though practiced widely in Middle Eastern countries.  The same threading technique can be put to use for other parts of the body also like facial and body hair.  A piece of thread is twisted into double strand and involved in eyebrow threading.  Eyebrow threading gives good definition and attraction to eyes. It is also a long lasting technique since the hair is removed by its follicle. Eyebrow threading has no harmful effects of a wax or depilatory creams. When eye brow threading is done perfectly redness and irritation in the eye only persist for a short period of time. The results of eyebrow threading session are very positive and most beautiful eyes.

The origin

Women mostly in India and Middle East practice eyebrow threading to frame their face by using cotton thread.  When the hair is twisted the thread pulls the row of hair. As no chemicals are involved in the process, there is no side effect of any rashes which are common to allergic skin. Moreover the top layers are left undamaged in the eyebrow threading process.

Before beginning the eyebrow threading process it is better to spray a little amount of spray on the eyebrows. After that the eyebrows are to be brushed neatly using a tooth brush.  Eyebrows should not be left slanting upwards which gives an angry look to the face. So care should be taken not to take too much hair in the corners of eyebrow. When the brows are sparse, a brow pencil can be used and by quick and light stoked the areas can be filled.  It is very important and necessary to use only right shades for the eyebrows. Blonde shads can be used for fair women and Brown or tawny shades can be used for olive women. Suppose by mistake if the brow area is over tweezed, then it can be repaired by brow shadow to fill the patch. It should be applied only in the direction in which hair grows. Usually eye shadow gives a more attractive look than an eyebrow pencil.

There are immense benefits in eyebrow threading. First of all it is a traditional way without involving pain like tweezers. For people using Accutane,  Retin-A and like products eye brow threading is highly advised. When compared to other methods, eyebrow threading is the best option available which give an attractive look. Eyebrow threading is not as expensive as other methods. Any unwanted hair in the body is undesirable for women. Hence they try various kinds of hair removal methods.

Though practiced widely in India and Middle East in Arabic eyebrow threading is called as khite and in Egypt, eyebrow threading is known as fatlah. Beauty saloons in many western countries use the eyebrow threading technique for hair removal. Eyebrow threading is a very delicate and gentle process and should be done properly to avoid hurt to the skin. 

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