Perfectly Shaved Eyebrows – Shaving the Eyebrows

Perfectly Shaved Eyebrows – Shaving the Eyebrows


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The basic characteristic of beautiful eyebrows is that they are even in shape and uniquely defined. According to some experts the shape and size of your eyebrows reflects your attitude. For instance, if you have low eyebrows then it clearly reveals that you are either sad or tired. The looks of eyebrows speak on your behalf. Getting perfect finished eyebrows is an easy job all you need is some quick tips about eyebrow shaving. A perfectly shaped eyebrow will add to the beauty of your face and you will stand apart in terms of natural beauty as compared to others. You can seek help from some beauty expert or even work on your on to get perfectly shaped eyebrows.

How to shave the eyebrows

Here are some tips and tricks on how to get a perfect shape of eyebrow. During the process of trimming you should remain cautious in order to avoid appearance of hole. Before starting the process of trimming define the shape of eyebrow, you can do so by sketching a thin line with help of eyebrow pencil which will give you basic idea on how to proceed with shaving the eyebrows. A good eyebrow is one which starts just above the inner corner of the eye. To get a perfect look try to get the peak of your natural eyebrow and the start plucking it in forward direction. Most of women are unable to find the peak so it is advisable to start with area above the iris. You must ensure that the eyebrow should end at outer corner of your eye; if your eyebrow doesn’t ends there then you can start drawing it with the help of pencil. For the purpose of eyebrow plucking you should remain careful while choosing tweezers. There are special make-up tweezers available in market which you can use also it is recommendable not to use same kind of splinters.

Precautions during eyebrow shaving

Remember never to pluck against hair as it can be injurious. But if you are looking forward to pluck the hair then you can use some cosmetic tools to get perfectly shaved eyebrow. Markets these days have some real good cosmetic tools like electric shavers which are considered to be best especially for women. It is recommended never to pluck upper side of the eyebrow if you want to remove hairs which are not going according to shape. Tapering the shape of eyebrow can reduce this problem. To open up the eye well you can also pluck from below the eye. Eyebrow color is the most important thing to be chosen as it would give your eyebrow a unique look. You must choose an eyebrow color similar to the color of your hair. Remember never to choose black eye brows if you are blonde, always choose something which is natural. It is also recommended that the eyebrow color should be darker then the usual color of your hair. So be wise and choose something most apt.


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