Hair Myths

Hair Myths


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  1. Myth – Oil helps hair grow faster.

    Fact – Hair grows from the follicle beneath the scalp and the oil does not in any way effect the growth of hair. But when you massage the hair with oil, the massage helps to increase the blood flow to the hair follicles and this in turn increases the hair growth. This shows that not oil but massage helps in the growth of hair.

  2. Myth – The more frequently you cut your hair the faster it will grow.

    Fact – Hair grows only 1 cm every 15 days and no amount of cutting will change this. However split ends will not attack your hair if you trim it regularly every 3 months.

  3. Myth – Split ends interfere with hair growth.

    Fact – Split ends do not it any way effect the growth of hair since the hair grows from the follicles from within the scalp.

    Split ends occur when the cuticle is damaged and the fibres of the cortex unravel. Dry and brittle hair only splits at the end and this can only be cured by regularly trimming the hair.

  4. Myth – Colouring the hair regularly will alter the natural pigmentation of hair.

    Fact – Colouring is done only on the hair and the new growth of hair comes back with your natural pigmentation.

    If the opposite was true you will never need retouching.

  5. Myth – Oil can cure dandruff.

    Fact – Oil applied before washing of hair interferes with cleaning the hair properly. This results in dandruff. Oil plays just the opposite role, it increases dandruff instead of reducing it.

  6. Myth – if you pull out a grey hair, you will get two grey hair in its place.

    Fact – Only 1 hair grows out from one follicle, so how can two hair grow out from one follicle?

  7. Myth – Beer is good for hair.

    Fact- Beer is very harmful for the hair. It not only gives rise to dandruff, but also dulls the hair and dries the scalp.

  8. Myth – Shaving the head will help in the hair growth.

    Fact – Only one hair grows out of a follicle. Shaving or no shaving, the hair will remain as before.


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