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  1. Is for Average number of hair on the head. Every human being has approximately one thousand hair roots. Each hair root grows through cycles. It grows for 3 to 5 years then it rests for 3 to 5 months and then sheds off. On an average there is a fall of 30 to 40, hair normally but if there is more hair fall then you should seek treatment. The hair fall is more than normal when you are washing you hair, so you need not worry if you see more hair coming out when you are shampooing it.
  2. Is for Baldness which is due to a number of conditions. Poor diet is one of the main causes. Other causes are hereditary, prolonged illnesse of certain types like typhoid, pregnancy, menopause, etc., too much exposure to sun and an unclean scalp. A diet rich in Iron, Iodine and B vitamins can help grow hair on bald spots.
  3. Is for Conditioner. Use conditioner sparingly. Don’t slather it on because then it will make the hair look flat. Don’t apply conditioner right from the roots, instead apply it about 5 inches from the roots, this will give the hair body as well as the bounce.
  4. Is for Dandruff, which is very dangerous if not controlled. There are too types of dandruff, oily and dry. Oily dandruff is more dangerous than dry one. Do get your scalp treated immediately for dandruff.
  5. Is for Eating the right type of food, fruits and veggies either as salads or in the form of juices. They can put the bounce and lights back into your hair.
  6. Is for Fine hair. This type of hair is generally limp and tends to cling close to the head. The best remedy for this type of hair is this: Take 1 egg, 2 table spoons castor oil, 1 teaspoon each of vinegar and glycerine. Mix together in the electric blender. Massage into the scalp. Wash off after half an hour. This will not only give body to the hair but will also make it look thicker and shiny.
  7. Is for Gel. You should avoid using gels. If at all you use them they should be the non-alcoholic ones, the ones containing alcohol dry up the hair.
  8. Is for hygiene. With pollution almost reaching threatening levels, you should try to wash your head daily, if not daily at least thrice a week to keep your scalp free from ailments and your hair clean.
  9. Is for inheritance. Good, shining, smooth and dark hair is inherited in seventy percent of cases. Baldness, thinning and greying hair are inherited from your parents, and you can do nothing about it.
  10. Is for Jealousy-worry, anxiety, hatred and mistrust. These pay havoc with emotional and physical health. Good thoughts are helpful allies towads maintaining hair beauty.
  11. Is for Keeping away from medicated shampoos. The medicated dandruff removing shampoos don’t clear the dandruff but make it return with a vengeance. These give only temporary relief. These dandruff chasers can do a staggering amount of scalp and hair damage.
  12. Length of hair. Maximum length of hair which can grow is 70-90 cms.
  13. Medicated hair oils; never use them because these contain white oil which leads to premature greying. For the same reason don’t use hair dyes. They not only contain harmful chemicals which are harmful for the scalp and skin but if once discontinued will give you a full head of grey hair. They also cause premature baldness.
  14. Is for Never using soap on the hair. Soap is very damaging to hair because it leaves an insoluble alkaline film on the scalp even after the hair has bean thoroughly rinsed. This deposit can close the oil openings in the scalp and its drying qualities may give rise to ugly dandruff, therefore, it is always wise to wash with a good shampoo.
  15. Is for Oil: Oil in its natural form like pure coconut, olive oil or almond oil can do wonders for your hair. You can give a thorough oil massage to your hair once a week to keep them from drying out.
  16. Is for Pert bobs or layered cuts. These are the rosiest things today. These hair styles are considered sleek and manageable. Career woman and collegians are opting for short hair because these make them look stylish and gives them a cool image. Some are even going for tonsured look. Many youngsters are going around with smoothly shaven scalps.
  17. Is for Quality. To maintain quality hair sensibly keep a healthy scalp by shampooing it regularly with natural ingredients with shikakai, ritha, amla, henna, etc.
  18. Is for Rubbing your hair vigorously with a towel. This may harm its structure. Instead wind the towel around the head and let it dry.
  19. Is for split ends. Split ends are the result of excessive use of bleaching, dyeing, tinting, hair dryers and curlers. Split ends should be trimmed every two months to avoid further separation of hair layers.
  20. Is for Travelling. Whenever you are travelling tie you hair. Windblown hair not only look untidy but also tend to tangle and attract dust and grime. When you reach your destination you can untie your hair.
  21. Is for Untidy hair. Always keep your hair tidy and good looking. One way of achieving this is to rinse your hair after shampooing with 2 tablespoons vinegar or a juice of lime diluted in warm water. This gives the hair softness, brightness and a healthy look.
  22. Is for Very oily hair. To treat an oily scalp, wash your hair with multani mitti and warm water. Soak a big lump of multani mitti in a vessel of warm water. When it softens add juice of a lime. Rub this into the scalp and leave for half an hour and then wash off. This not only removes extra oil from the hair but makes them soft and thick.
  23. Is for Warm weather. Hair grows faster in warm weather than in cold weather. Female hair grows slower than male hair.
  24. Is Xtra-terrestrial. Which is what you look like when you go overboard with your hair accessories.
  25. Is for You; remember to go in for a style which suits your age and not which suits your daughter.
  26. For Zest in life; worries and stress will not only make your life miserable but will also make your hair fall like feathers.


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