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Your hairstyling should be unique and so much attractive that others should want to copy it. The hair should be smooth, soft and shimmering and the style should suit you, something trendy yet unique. Besides the styling, hair colour is definitely the fashion of the millennium. The colour should be bright, shiny and dark.


  1. Most of the international magazines have predicted that long hair will be the rage in the new millennium, but if you want, you can perm your hair for a change because straight hair has been in fashion for a long, long time.
  2. If you do not want to perm your hair you can curl your hair temporarily. It is done with tons and sometimes the effect is better then a perm.
  3. Besides you can go in for hair jewels which are winning many fans because they are inexpensive, versatile and just plain fun.
  4. During hot summer days, a few tiny dips in right places can prevent a bad hair day.
  5. A headband can up beach battered locks and a rhinestone barrette can turn a daytime look glittery enough for a night party.
  6. The newest trend in hair jewellery are the round crystals on a snap which look like they are literally floating on the hair.
  7. And the freshest style is twisting chunks of hair in baby sized jaw clips and mixing headbands with bobby pins.

    But before going in for ornaments, you should keep your age in view. Women in the twenties and should go in for headbands and clips whilst preteens should go in for on accessories in the shape of butterflies, flowers, frogs, sea horses, dragonflies or butterfly tremblers, butterflies that tremble when you move. These tremblers have become very popular in the international fashion scene. Besides keeping your age in mind you should select the ornament with great care. A good ornament can make your look very , but a badly chosen one can end up making you look like a Christmas tree. Here are some hints to follow when you shop for hair ornaments.

  1. A long feather in natural shade will look lovely if stuck in a pony tale or a chignon.
  2. For a party you can slick back a low pony tail and poke several small feathers around the base of the rubber band.
  3. If you buy baby clips go in for black or metallic colours only. Clips covered by fake flowers or multi-coloured plastic beads look kirsch. Scrunches should be bought in pastel colours rather than loud garish colours. For casual outings, you can decorate your hair with little combs in black, silver or gold.
  4. Head scarves (full head coverings) should be made of knit, mohair and suede and should be delicately embroidered.
  5. Necklaces, headbands, stones or chains that drape onto a persons forehead should also be very delicately made to make you look attractive and alluring and not somebody who has just walked out of circus.


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