Hair Care Tips

Hair care was previously dominated only by women but now as we progress we can see more and more men are becoming conscious about their hairstyle. They are also getting into the race of getting beautiful hair with women. Having a good hair style can make a lot of difference in the appearance of the person whether that person is man or woman. For Example a women with sharp features, glowed face and medium build may have best suited curly or straight hair but might not suit short cut. These all things do matter specially if a person is in the business of fashion or appears on the big screen.

A person should always remember about hair that during winter we do tend to dry our hair with hair drier. This is not very advisable as we do tend to over dry or over heat our hair resulting in their weakness and they start to fall and if not fall then they are no more shiny but dull and dry. Even if one still decide to dry their hair with a drier then the drier should be kept at least 1 foot away from the hairs.

The easy way to make ones hair skinnier and gloss is by doing shampoo in a right way. Before one goes for the shampoo one should apply hair moisturizer of even oil on hair for at least two hours before. This will give your hair enough strength to withstand shampooing as in this process lots of moisture from the scalp is lost which binds the hair and also from the hair itself. After doing shampoo one can again apply moisturizer so as to replace the lost moisture that was lost during the shampoo and give your hair a smoother and shiner look.

If one’s hairs are not healthy then one should avoid sun bathing. During sun bathing ultraviolet rays can do serious and irreversible damage to the hairs. This can make your hair dry, brittle, fragile and discolored. One can imagine what will happen if one’s hairs are already dry, brittle and fragile.

If a person is in stress then this stress can cause serious damage to the hair of that person. The person may start losing his or her hairs due to hair fall. This can also happen if the person’s body has shortage of zinc, copper and iron. Deficiency of all this can lead to de structuring of the hairs and can weaken then from scalp from where they are bind to our body.

A person should also avoid using hot water for the bath as this can also damage your hair by taking away all the moisture from the hair and thus making then dry and brittle. So, one should always prefer to use slightly cool water for taking a bath. It will be better if one add few leaves of Neem in the bathing water 1 hour before the bath. Hairs are very precious and one should take proper care of them.

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