Punk Hairstyles – How to Get Punk Hairstyle

Punk hairstyles are colorful and bizarre hairstyles that are visible in villages, teenage (black-painted) bedrooms and high streets. Punk Hairstyle has exploded into the popular culture for many years now and its ideology and appearance have an unusual attraction to modern teenagers.

Punk hairstyles started as a part of music trends and mainstream fashions three decades back. It came into being due to Vivienne Westwood, British fashion designer and Sex Pistols, crowned punk princes. Malcolm McLaren, manager of Sex pistols and a partner of Westwood, along with the other two came with a hairstyle that acquired global recognition in no time.

The unique appearance of Pistol was primarily bought about by created by Westwood. It was done using rips, zips, chains, porn, slogans and bondage. The attitude and clothes of Sex Pistols were reflected through their punk hairstyles. Punk Hairstyles saw less demand during the late 70s. However, it regained popularity with little time.

Hair used to simply get chopped utilizing any instrument. After chopping, they were left unwashed and untreated. Eventually, the hairs were likely in getting converted to spikes and clumps. This unusual style became a formal appearance for punk hairstyles. Bright Orange Colors were mainly worn by individuals looking for punk hairstyles. The color became an automatic stamp of punk hairstyles. Women also went ahead decorating their hairs for matching the outfits that they wore.

As punk hairstyles went ahead into 80s, it moved into the mainstream fashions. Now it became a global phenomenon. With greater fashion influence, punk hairstyles became increasingly popular, designer and formal with the utilization of greater amount of hair colors and haircuts that were made asymmetric deliberately. Spiky Punk hairstyles came into being with the utilization of bleaching and hair gels on the hairs. Along with the popularity of spiky styles, another punk hairstyle known as the Mohawks also became popular.

Mohican hairstyle or the Mohawks is considered as a definitive amongst the punk hairstyles. The hairstyle was called the Mohicans as they were supposed to be worn by Mohawk and Mahican tribes. However, it was later discovered that the first probable tribe to wear the Mohican punk hairstyles was the Huron.

Mohican hairstyles are characterized through shaved scalps having upright hair strip moving across crown region of our head. The punk hairstyles culture of the 80s was recognized through colorful and magnificent Mohawks.  However being a part of rebel culture, it attended mainstream status and supermodels around the globe started wearing stylish Mohawks.

In the current era, there has been little evolution in punk hairstyles. Punk music came back to underground with mostly American teenagers showing fascination towards it. However, punk hairstyles are still a part of the mainstream. They have maintained their popularity if not acquired stimulation to the previous fame. Now, punk hairstyles have become such a tradition that going into any salon of high street and asking for modernized form of punk hairstyles will allow you to have a new look for yourself. Punk hairstyles have now become a fashion statement that will stay for a long period.

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