Dry Lips – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment



There is no any proper definitions are present for dry lips but we can say when your lips are sore, red, and peeling then this type of lips is called dry lips. Lips can be crack when it wide open.

Dry, cracked or sore lips, usually happen in cold, windy, dry weather and less often in warm weather. Sun exposure can contribute to chapping of the lips. Licking or biting the lips does not help the situation.

The lips are more sensitive to chapping than the skin. Unlike the skin, the lips do not produce oils to protect them against drying.


Cold or windy conditions can be main cause. Actually vital moisture evaporate from the surface which drying out lips that can peel and often bleed. Dry, swollen, or cracked lips can also be caused by allergies, infections, drugs, and a number of medical problems.

One of the major causes of dry lips is sun damage which can occur even when it’s cloudy and you’re not in bright sunlight. That means during the day a well formulated emollient lip balm, lip gloss, or lipstick with an SPF 15 of greater with the UVA protecting ingredients of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, or avobenzone is vital.


Dry Lips that are usually have the following symptoms:

  • Roughness
  • Dryness
  • Redness
  • peeling
  • cracking
  • Sensitivity
  • Tenderness


One of the things that many people do when their lips feel dry is to moisturise the lips. In most cases, however, this doesn’t solve the problem but makes matters worse. So try not to do this.

  1. Hot water fomentation, followed by a mixture of Vaseline and honey applied on the lips atleast thrice a week will prevent lips from chapping.
  2. A good lip balm should create a moisture barrier to provide protection against the elements. It should also contain counterirritants to eliminate itching. Lip balms with antiseptic properties are also perfectly safe, and keep germs and bacteria away from chapped or cracked lips.
  3. Apply fresh butter on dry lips to make it smooth.
  4. Use chapstick.
  5. To cure dry lips apply peanut butter or coco butter.
  6. Grind rose petals with cream on the top of milk and apply on lips to cure the dry lips
  7. Mix 2 drops of glycerin, and 1 tsp of lime juice and apply on lips to cure the dry lips.
  8. Take B, C vitamin foods in diet.
  9. Best remedy to cure dry lips mix equal quantities of nutmeg, turmeric, fresh butter and apply to lips.
  10. Mix 2 drops of glycerin with 1 tsp of cream on the top of milk and apply to lips to cure the dry lips and as well as to get the smooth & shiny lips.


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