Skin Disorders

There are many millions of people worldwide who are suffering from at least one type of skin disorder. This can be known by the fact that in America only out of every 4 people aging from 15 to 30, 3 of them are suffering from acne, which is the most common type of skin disorder. This is a cause of concern for everyone and especially of the people who are in the public dealing jobs like sales or appear on the TV. One can imagine state of mind of a beautiful college going girl who is suffering from acne. She might feel that the world has crashed over her.

There are several types of skin disorders which range from the acne to the psoriasis and further to the age spots that appear on the skin due to bacterial infection. The most important thing that one should know is the way to identify their skin condition. The person should know whether the person’s skin is dry or oily or is there a rash or some other serious problem like fungal infections or even eczema. By knowing the skin condition one can easily prevent many skin disorders or can control the problem is any.

The skin disorder caused by the fungal infection is the spreading one. It can affect other parts of the body besides the skin like hands and even the nails and hairs. Small children suffer for this type of fungal infection also known as tinea. In this infection there is a scaly patch which is round. These patches cause inflammation of round and are also itching. If one itches they then spread more.

Acne is the most common type of skin disorder. In this there appear red small zigs on the skin of the person which appears to be inflammation and sometimes with white opening indication small pus in it. They generally appear on the face and on the chest but can still appear on the other parts of the body too. One can avoid such problem form developing by washing their face at least twice a day. This will wash away all the bacteria or the dust present on the surface of the skin or which is blocking the pores on the skin. This is the main cause of the acne. If one returns back from outside then also one should wash their face properly. This also helps the people who have oily skin to control the oiliness. One can wash their face with the mixture of powdered sandalwood, mild and rose water. This is very good and natural combination which if not able to remove some bacteria due to any reason, it will terminate them and will also bring a new glow and smoothness to the skin of the person.

Even diabetes patients can develop skin disorder due to diabetes so one should also have control on the amount of sweets one take if one want to be healthy and want healthy, glowed and smooth skin.

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