Strawberry Hemangioma – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Strawberry hemangiomas are a type of vascular birthmark. They consist of an abnormally dense group of widened blood vessels. They appear on the surface of the skin. Mostly the colour of strawberry is red. But in few children it is found as blue spongy masses. Most of the children has have only one hemangiomas. But many have a few. Rarely, children may have many, both on the skin and in the internal organs. Some have enough extra vascular tissue to cause anemia or platelet problems.

The beginning of this shrinking process is marked by the appearance of grey flecks of scar tissue on the bright red surface of the birthmark.


The exact cause of hemangiomas is not known at this time. Hemangiomas may be present anywhere on the body. However, they are most disturbing to parents when they are on the infant’s face or head. Hemangiomas of the eyelid may interfere with the development of normal vision and must be treated in the first few months of life.

No known food, medication, or activity during pregnancy can cause a hemangiomas.


A hemangioma may be present at birth. In most of the children it appear during the first several weeks of life.

Approximately 60% of hemangiomas occur in the head and neck area. About 25% occur in the trunk and 15% occur in the arms or legs. Most hemangiomas grow as a single tumor, while about 20% occur in multiple areas.

The common Symptoms which seen include most of the children is:

  • A red “strawberry” or purple bump on the skin, that may continue to grow and spread
  • A bluish swelling under the skin.

If your child experiences any of these symptoms, do not assume it is due to hemangioma. These symptoms may be caused by other, more or less serious health conditions.


Permanent birthmarks (Strawberry hemangiomas) may be treated with cryotherapy (freezing), surgical removal, or laser surgery. They are usually not treated unless they cause unwanted symptoms, or until a child is at least school age. However, Strawberry hemangiomas on the face should be treated at a young age with a yellow pulsed-dye laser to prevent the often profound psychosocial problems they cause.

If the hemangioma is infected and open it may be treated with a short course of antibiotics and daily wound cleansing.

Using medicine is already a good option for treated with Strawberry hemangiomas. Medicine name Corticosteroids can be injected, given by mouth or applied to the skin. Sometimes long-term or repeated treatment is needed. The risks are potentially serious, including poor growth, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and clouding of the normally clear lens of the eye.

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