Xerosis – Causes and Treatment


Xerosis is also known as dry skin. It is a very common problem. If any person has eczema and atopic dermatitis then there is maximum chances that he must be suffer with dry skin. Mostly it happen in winter season but it can also find that people can suffer in any season. Xerosis can affect any part of the body.

When cold, dry air is artificially heated it becomes even dryer and “pulls” water from the skin through enhanced surface evaporation. Since water is the main “softener” of the skin, dry skin may become rough, scaly, and eventually red, inflamed, and itchy.


Xerosis can be caused by many factors. One of the important factors of dry skin is a lack of moisture in our skin. Bathing with hot water is already a cause and also spending extended periods of time in the hot sun is a cause.

Xerosis makes the skin less supple and more prone to cracking, especially in conditions where itchiness is a problem.


Dry skin is not a very big problem we can treat it home if possible eat a balanced diet. Do exercise daily and drinking plenty of water contribute to healthy, supple skin. If you like to outside in the sunny place then wear a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher.

The best treatment for dry skin is to properly use moisture to the skin. You can do this by applying moisturizing oils or lotions, using mild soaps when bathing. If possible you should avoiding rubbing the dry skin after a shower or bath. The best use of moisturize is after a shower or bath, when the water helps trap the moisture in your skin.

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